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Start-up Consultancy

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We are a start-up!

Our team has been developing ideas and technological projects since 2008. We have a lot of experience in cutting-edge technological development for your start-up. 

Thanks to the accumulated experience after the passage through many accelerators and incubators, we can help you to design an MVP suitable for each phase of your start-up.

Accessibility Consultancy

2014 was a turning point: we ❤️ accessibility

Thanks to Outbarriers, our flagship project in accessibility, we discovered that in addition to the physical world, the digital world was, and is, inaccessible too.

Since then, every project that we develop is accessible.

And now we share those skills with you, so that your projects become accessible for everyone.

Example of the rendering process by screen readers. From HTML code to audio wave

IoT prototyping

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Internet of the Things, real, and for all

Our team of engineers is expert in the development of all types of prototypes.

We develop hardware, firmware and software.

The IoT is not future, it is present. And we can help you develop a complete prototype that allows you to reach the market in time.

Web & Apps

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Web? App? or WebApp?

Of course we develop websites and apps using the latest technology standards and good practices.

We develop apps for Android and iOS.

According to needs and budget, we can choose to do either a native development or using HTML5 technology via WebApp.

The websites we develop are accessible and have a responsive design


The latest technology is in our DNA

R+D is our day to day. We constantly explore the state of the art in search of the most avant-garde tools which allow us to create projects that are very demanding in time, flexibility, efficiency and effectiveness.

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Django 1 & 2

We are Django experts. We've been developing projects since version 1. 

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We design with HTML5 & CSS3. 

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Golang is a new language that we adopted since its inception in 2009. We developed highly efficient and flexible microservices with it.

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Ionic & Angular

Thanks to TypeScript, Angular and Ionic, we develop apps and webapps quickly but still with the flexibility needed today

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API REST? Yes, of course, but gRPC is a "new player". A new player that provides much more than bandwidth and speed savings. Provides consistency when communicating microservices and clients / servers

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Docker & Compose

Containers for everything. Version control and deployment are very important processes. With docker tools, we work with development, testing and production environments.

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Version control is mandatory! We started with subversion and for years we worked with Git and our own repository servers

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The performance power of native apps but using the same framework.

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Vue JS

This reactive framework is gaining strength for the maintenance or updates of existing projects due to its ease of integration and development. It is also ideal for the development of PWA or webapp embedded in firmware or IoT devices

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Calle Periodista Fernando Gómez de la Cruz, 61

Floor 2, Office 3

18014 Granada (Spain)

✆ (+34) 688 984 680